Innovation is a journey to transcend today’s choices


At Sojournix, we are developing new medicines that transcend today’s treatment choices and improve the care of women’s health and neuroendocrine disorders. We are advancing SJX-653, a novel neurokinin-3 antagonist, with the potential to offer a safe and effective non-hormonal therapy for vasomotor symptoms – commonly called “hot flashes” – due to menopause.


NK3 antagonists are a clinically-validated new class of non-hormonal therapies for treating menopausal vasomotor symptoms (“hot flashes”) with the potential to deliver clinical efficacy comparable to hormone therapy. A human genome study also established a genetic association between vasomotor symptoms and the gene that encodes the NK3 receptor.


Vasomotor symptoms (VMS) are sudden, recurrent, and intense sensations of heat or “hot flashes” and are common among women during and after the menopausal transition. Current options for treating VMS are limited. While hormone therapy is effective for VMS, labels for hormone therapy products contain warnings highlighting potential safety risks, and the available non-hormonal therapies have limited efficacy. A significant unmet medical need exists for a safe and effective non-hormonal therapy.


SJX-653 is a novel, potent, and selective neurokinin-3 (NK3) antagonist in clinical development as a once-daily (QD) treatment for moderate to severe vasomotor symptoms due to menopause.